"JAMAICA RAILWAY" On Top, No Separators
Known Used Between November 1901 and January 1922

Postcard to The United Fruit Co. in Annotto Bay dated August 19, 1903 cancelled by Troja railway datestamp. Annotto Bay arrival postmark of same date to left.

Large part cover to Pennsylvania dated May 22, 1906 franked with 2½d bi-color Arms pair and tied by Troja railway datestamp. Reverse bears partial Kingston datestamp of same date.

"JAMAICA RAILWAY" On Top, Maltese Cross Separators
Known Used Between February 1910 and September 1915

Postcard to Port Maria dated Feb. 24, 1913 cancelled by Troja railway datestamp. Entered the postal system at Richmond, as evidenced by the double ring datestamp on reverse (move cursor over postcard to view). Port Maria arrival datestamp of same date on face.


Troja Railway Registered Label

Registered cover dated Aug. 21, 1939 from Troja to Spanish Town bearing a registered Troja railway label. Properly franked on reverse, which also shows routing through Richmond and St. Ann's Bay, and arrival in Spanish Town the following day. Cover was posted at the Troja Railway Station as evidenced by the registered label and was passed on to the Troja post office as evidenced by the Troja postmark. Although the distance from Troja to Spanish Town along the railway is only 19 miles, the letter had to be fed into the normal mail system because the railway did not have a means of securing registered mail. The only known example of a railway registered letter.